The first choice and strategic partner in collecting debts from financing agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

Continuous, intelligent and efficient follow-up to collect our customers' receivables.


تحصيل ديون


The company aims to achieve the acquisition of the largest share of collection clients in the market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are, for example, but not limited to: -Financing companies -Banks and consumers operating in the local market

  • قطاع البنوك
  • قطاع التمويل
  • قطاع تمويل العقار
  • شركات إعادة التمويل العقاري 
  • شركات التمويل الإستهلاكي
  • قطاع التمويل الجماعي بالدين
  • شركات الوساطة الرقمية
  • قطاع التأمين
  • قطاع الدفع الآجل


Marketing are activities related to the processes of providing services and includes advertising the service in a way that suits the target segment of the market. Therefore, those working within this field are keen to attract the attention of the public through the use of all appropriate advertising means and methods, the most important of which are social media and digital marketing



We are based on solid foundations of experience for all our administrative and technical staff

Knowledge & Understanding

Analyze the data, determine the desired goal & draw plans to achieve


Our experience has earned us the ability to adapt to all types of issues and transactions

Reliability & Expertise

تنبع من الأداء المميز وإيجاد حلول ابتكارات فعاله للمؤسسات المالية


When we adopt a specific problem it becomes a part of us, & we harness all our professional capabilities to end it

Team Spirit

We work in all our departments as a continuously motivated team with uniting goals

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